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Fastbraces® provide a fast, safe, convenient and affordable teeth alignment solution. An innovative mechanical system differentiates Fastbraces® from normal braces by moving the crown and root simultaneously and thereby reducing treatment time.

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Why should I consider straightening my teeth?

The number one reason most patients choose to straighten their teeth is appearance. An aesthetically pleasing smile is considered more appealing than crooked and discoloured teeth. This can contribute to poor oral health and can create an environment in which bacteria thrive.

Crooked teeth typically have angles, uneven surfaces and hard to reach narrow spaces which are harder to maintain and keep clean.

Teeth and roots have an impact on the functioning of the muscles of the face and the physiological function of the jaw affecting the processes of eating and breathing.

This combination leads many patients to straighten their teeth even into the adult years. Some adults may not have had the opportunity or access to orthodontic treatment at a younger age. Honeysuckle Dental are proud to be able to cater for all ages offering the options of this revolutionary method to straighter teeth.

The treatment process

The decision to get braces often incurs a great deal of anxiety. For this reason, the Fastbraces® process can be broken down into a few easy steps to minimise the stress and confusion associated with the procedure.

Find a Fastbraces® Provider in your area

Finding a Fastbraces® provider with whom you feel comfortable is the essential first step. At Honeysuckle dental, we provide a consultation to discuss your suitability for the process. Following this you can rest assured we will provide the ongoing support necessary to help you reach your desired look.

Our key focus is our patients. We customise treatments to suit each individual patient’s needs. We strive to ensure all of our patients visits and treatments are relaxed and enjoyable. Our experienced dental team consider both medical conditions and personal preferences before moving forward with a customised treatment plan.

Develop a customised treatment plan

Radiographs and imaging will be taken of your teeth to assist with the development of a customised treatment plan.

Complete the treatment plan

In many cases the treatment plan with Fastbraces® will be completed in under 20 weeks if your bones respond well to the treatment.

Enjoy your new smile

The final step requires you to enjoy wearing your new smile! Fastbraces® could be your ideal orthodontic treatment. Post treatment, your provider may ask you to wear a retainer during the night depending on your specific requirements. Honeysuckle Dental is now a proud supplier of Fastbraces® treatment. Contact us online or call on (02) 4915 9230.

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