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Needle-free and drill-free dentistry

The use of dental lasers can minimise or completely eliminate the need for needles and dental drills.

Our team have the ability to perform many different procedures without the common discomfort and fear associated with needles and drills. For nervous patients, who might find the thought of needles daunting, this is a way that you can achieve the treatment they desire without anxiety. You won’t have the fear of needles holding your back when going in for treatment.

Safer and more effective results

The use of dental lasers is safer and can be extremely beneficial when considering the results and overall outcomes. Dental lasers have widened our ability to transform smiles, as well as often improve the end result. The time it takes our team to perform dental treatments is also often reduced with the use of dental lasers. With the assistance of dental lasers, the accuracy of our treatments is precise.

Reduced healing time

For treatments such as reshaping gummy smiles the replacement of a traditional scalpel for a dental laser can provide numerous benefits.

Due to the pinpoint accuracy of our lasers, the soft tissues in your mouth can often heal faster than if they were treated with a scalpel. Our dental lasers can also help to provide you with a dental treatment that is often bloodless and virtually pain-free.

The chances of infection is also reduced as the laser cauterises and also kills bacteria, due to the heat.

Laser Dentistry at Honeysuckle Dental Newcastle

During your comprehensive consultation our team can discuss with you how dental lasers can benefit your smile.

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