Smartbleach Teeth Whitening Newcastle, NSW

Whiten your teeth using the power of a laser

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The benefits of using laser teeth whitening services

Firstly, Smartbleach treatment is safer and reduces the discomforts of traditional teeth whitening procedures. How? Other teeth whitening procedures use UV heat lights and these procedures run the risk of damaging the foundation of your teeth and causing further discomforts. Laser technology on the other hand, directly targets the outside of the tooth preserving the state of the root and gums and avoiding discomforts that come with other whitening procedures.

On top of this, modern Smartbleach technology often minimises the time patients are required to wear the whitening gel.

The Smartbleach whitening procedure

The Smartbleach procedure can be completed in under an hour and involves only a few simple steps.

Step 1 – During an initial consultation, an assessment will be made of your teeth to gauge the current level of discolouration. This will allow your dental professional to provide you with a realistic outcome for your procedure.

Step 2 – Following the consultation process your teeth will be professionally cleaned.

Step 3 – After cleaning, a coating will be applied to ensure your gums are protected.

Step 4 – The gel will then be applied to your teeth and each tooth will be exposed to the laser light for a short period of time or repeated until the desired results are achieved.

Smartbleach teeth whitening Newcastle

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