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In-house teeth-whitening

During your initial consultation with Honeysuckle Dental, our dental team can assess the level of discolouration of your teeth and discuss with you the probable outcome of your whitening treatment.

Following this consultation, your teeth will then be cleaned and dried by our skilled dental hygienist for preparation of the teeth whitening treatment. After the cleaning, our dental team will then apply a protective coating to ensure that your gums are not affected by your whitening treatment.

Once the gel is applied our dentist will expose each of your teeth to the laser light for a short period of time. This procedure will be repeated until the desirable results are achieved, as per what you discussed with our dental professionals in your consultation.

Teeth Whitening Comparison

For more general information about teeth whitening, or the range of whitening services that we offer at Honeysuckle Dental, please do not hesitate to get in contact or call our friendly, experienced staff on (02) 4915 9230.

If you’re a little confused about differences between different teeth whitening procedures, check our teeth whitening comparison chart.