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How do we find the right treatment for you?

Before you proceed with any treatment plan, one of our expert dentists will assess your oral health. At this point, they will determine what treatment plan will be best suited for you and your unique situation. We want to get to know and understand each and every one of our patients. You’re not just another mouth to us, you are a valued patient with your own dental goals we aim to serve.

We will assess all aspects of your oral health to ensure that there are no problems or issues. We can assess your teeth for problems like tooth decay, pulp infection, damage, disease and tooth loss. From there we can recommend a variety of options to try and resolve the issue.

We will also check your gums. Your gums are a window into your health and ensuring they are in best form is important. We can assess for issues like gum disease and any other problems surrounding your gums or soft tissue.

During this assessment we encourage you to voice any questions or concerns you may have. We can check for all sorts of things aside from the health of your teeth. For example, if you have a clicking and popping jaw you may suffer from Temporomandibular Joint syndrome (TMJ). We can also help with sleep apnoea which can cause all sorts of troubles, most predominately sleep deprivation.

Did you also know that the dentist is usually the first person to detect oral cancer?

Dental treatments at Honeysuckle Dentist in Newcastle

Honeysuckle offers a range of general, restorative and cosmetic treatments that you can take full advantage of. If you wish to improve the health or aesthetics of your smile, we offer a range of comprehensive treatments for you.

Whether you have gaps in your teeth you would like to fill, broken or chipped teeth, or if you would like to simply whiten your smile, Honeysuckle Dental is more than happy to help.

If you are unsure about what treatment is best suited for you, then feel free to explore the options on our site or contact us today online or call on (02) 4915 9230.